Funny - Mental Patient

John and Smith were both patients in a mental hospital.

One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, John suddenly jumped into the deep end. He sank to the bottom and stayed there.

Smith promptly jumped in to save him, she swam to the bottom and pulled John out.

When the medical doctor became aware of Smith's act, he immediately ordered his discharged as he now considered him to be mentally stable.

When he went to tell Smith the news, he said : Smith, i have a good news and bad news, the good news is that you are being discharged, because, since you were able to jump in to a swimming pool and save the life of another patient, i think you have regain your senses.

the bad news is that, Smith, the patient you saved hung himself with his bathrobe belt in the bathroom, i am sorry he is dead.

Smith replied,, ,, he did not hang himself, i put him there to dry!,

After Few Years Later,

A plane was carrying mental patients who were making lot of noise, one patient pops into the cockpit and orders the pilots to teach him to fly a plane.

PILOT: yes we will but on a condition that u tell your friends to keep quiet, off he goes and after a short while everywhere became quiet

And he came back, "teach me now" he said, amazed the pilots asked "but how did u manage to silence your friends?"

PATIENT: I've opened the door for them to go and play out side.

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