Funny - MAID vs GUY Conversation

A guy went to visit his friend from a very rich family. When he entered, the maid approached him and asked :

MAID : what would you like to drink ? Fruit juice, yogurt, tea, chocolate, apple juice or coffee ?

GUY : Tea please

MAID : Ceylon tea, India tea, herbal tea, kerichon gold tea, bush tea, green tea ?

GUY : Ceylon tea please

MAID : how do you want it, black or white ?

GUY : White

MAID : Milk or fresh cream ?

GUY : with Milk

MAID : Goat Milk or Cow Milk ?

GUY : Cow Milk

MAID : Freezland cow or afrikner cow ?

GUY : hmmm, let me go with the Freezland cow

MaID : would you like it with Sweetner, Sugar or honey ?

GUY : Sugar

MAID : bee sugar or Cane Sugar ?

GUY : Cane sugar

MAID : White, brown or yellow sugar ?

GUY : A beg, forget about the tea, just give me a glass of water.

MAID : Mineral, Tap or distilled water ?

GUY : Mineral water

MAID : Flavored or non flavored ?

GUY : In fact get Me an empty glass.

MAID : You want a tumbler, wine glass, champagne flute or a beer mug ?

GUY : A beg, free me, make i swallow ma spit.

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